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Festival Guide


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, a new pulsating techno adventure beckons from the shadows. Taking place on the 8 & 9 December on the island of Malta, the first edition of Dalma Festival is ready to unfold.

Use this festival guide to ensure you are prepared, whether you are joining us for one day or both days.


8th & 9th December 2023

18:00 – 04:00


Dalma Festival will be held on 8th & 9th December 2023, at MFCC Ta’Qali (view location)

Make your way to the North Entrance. Entry to the venue from the South Entrance (adjacent to the Football Stadium) will not be permitted.


Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are travelling by car, carpool and assign a designated driver.

We strongly advise against driving to the venue. Instead, pre-book a taxi to avoid any disappointment and ensure your enjoyment at the festival.


Due to limited internet access and to speed up the check-in process, it’s very important to download your ticket before heading to the festival. A PDF ticket is required, screenshots not accepted.

Increase phone brightness for easier scanning.


Help us reduce waste. Purchase your cup when buying your first drink. Bring it back with you if you’re attending both days. You are also encouraged to bring your own hard plastic cup instead of purchasing one.


Your festival wristband is has an RFID chip built-in. Top up your wristband from one of our top-up stations at the festival. Credit is valid for both days of the festival.

Any remaining credit is refundable, refund window opens 10th December at 6am till 16th December at 12:00. You can apply for a refund from our website.

Check your credit or apply for a refund by clicking on this link.


We’ve teamed up with Dr. Juice to serve delicious food all night long. The healthy selection will also include vegan and vegetarian options.


A cloakroom service will be available at the festival.


Smoking is not allowed inside the venue. There are designated smoking areas close to both stages at the festival.


Both stages at the festival will provide a specially designed backstage area behind the DJ Booth. This elevated area is open to everyone, and no special ticket access is required.

Please be mindful and avoid leaning over the booth with drinks or to film. Any behavior that may distract the performing artist in any way is not allowed. The use of flash is also prohibited.

Ensure that no drinks are placed on the DJ booth or any technical equipment.


Time to start planning! Click Here for the full running order, spanning two days and two stages.


If you feel overwhelmed or require a secure environment, head to the awareness tent. The team is there to help you.

You may want to go to the main entrance and ask one of our door staff, they’ll guide you to the awareness tent.

  • Our dance floors are a sacred safe space for everyone. Any dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Be respectful to others. Consent is the key word.
  • If you are feeling unwell, take a step back. Get your friends to ask for help
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Paramedics are also available throughout our events
  • Look out for the Awareness team onsite, they will be roaming the festival (wearing pink tees), you can also drop by their tent right next to the cloak room and bar top-up stations on your way into the venue.
  • Get some rest, the festival days are long party days. It’s important to re-energize between one day and the other.
  • Don’t forget to go home. Staying up and dancing for long hours is not an endurance contest. Listen to your body and make sure to give it a rest.

If you experience or witness any form of sexual assault or harassment, please report it immediately to the Wellness team. We take these issues very seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all festival attendees.


Pick up your free ear plugs from the cloakroom, ask a member of staff.



  • Download your ticket (before heading to the venue)
  • ID
  • Money (Card or Cash)
  • Comfortable clothing & footwear
  • Your reusable cup


  • Glass objects or containers
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Cooler bags / food
  • Pyrotechnical objects
  • Drones
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Professional photography equipment
  • Weapons or any dangerous object deemed as one