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Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens is DJ, Producer and label boss whose name has grown synonymous with techno today. The Antwerp native exploded onto the scene as result of a long-standing love affair with music, earning her first residency at Labyrinth Belgium in 2014. Fast forward 10 years, and she's now heading her labels Lenske & EXHALE Records, running her party series EXHALE, hosting her own radio show, and holding down an extensive global touring schedule.

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Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Annē is an artist that's firmly involved in the revival of the hardgroove sound thanks to her razor-sharp mixing and tight productions. With a handful of releases on iconic labels like Soma, Symbolism, Hardgroove, Mutual Rytm and Out Of Place, the Greek artist is undoubtedly one of the most promising producers to emerge in recent years. Her sets are powerful & pumping with never ending dynamics, focused on the perfect interaction with the crowd.

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A hardtechno enthusiast, Basswell has a powerful and assertive style, mixing fast, hard rave. Supported by the leaders of the underground scene such as Amelie Lens, Shlømo and Kobosil, Basswell has been making waves for several months on the international circuit. He's also a prolific producer, with tracks such as "Bass Down Low", "Around" and "Hear the sound" being played by some of the biggest names.

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Ben Sims

Ben Sims is one of techno’s most exciting talents - a DJ who has stayed true to the genre’s funk, groove and electronic fused origins whilst continuing to embrace and nurture its development over the past 25 odd years.

Schooled on a diet of Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, House and Rave in the 80’s, he played a huge part in defining British dance music in the 90s and continues to be an ardent champion of new music, producers and DJs via his many nights, record labels, radio shows, podcasts and relentless touring endeavours.

As a DJ, Sims commands your attention, both visually and musically with anything from 3 to 5 decks running near constantly and hands, faders, effects and EQs a blur as tunes overlap to create a dense and quickly evolving collage of sound. Whether playing to 50, 500 or 5000 this unbridled energy and commitment to the art of mixing never falters and shows why Sims is regarded as one of the true masters on the circuit, both a DJ’s DJ and a straight up party rocker in equal measures.

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BIIA is an electronic music artist who shows an emotional curiosity that is so mirrored in her creative process. She creates a journey of self-expression that blends different approaches of techno. These are energetic and hard-hitting stories that can combine raw, hard, 90’s beats and peculiar sounds with different genres. Her productions express music without boundaries.

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The force of blk. is not to be reckoned with. Since joining Irish based Reboot Management and Agency at the end of 2021 this young aspiring artist has made groundbreaking achievements, selling out a long list of shows across several countries in Europe , UK , Australia , and further afield ranging from 2-15k capacity venues. blk. is pushing huge boundaries with his music, amassing a huge 30+ million plays across some of his tracks on soundcloud and monthly fan base of 200k+ listeners on Spotify alone.

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Dave Clarke

A maverick, a musician, a photographer and a man with a singular electronic vision, Dave Clarke has great instincts – and those singular instincts have kept him on the correct musical path for over three decades straight. Championed early by the late John Peel who affectionately labelled him The Baron Of Techno, Dave Clarke has been making music of his own since 1990, along the way collaborating with and remixing iconic artists such as Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld and New Order.

As a prominent figure in techno and a bold ambassador for the genre’s inherent futurism, Dave Clarke has long been classified as a genuine, expressive artist whose lasting musical career combines a bold idiosyncratic passion and technical ability, crashing through walls of hesitancy with a passionate conviction.

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DJ Hyperdrive
B2B Future.666

DJ Hyperdrive’s energetic Groovetrance sets are characterised by a rhythmic, pulsating bassline and crisp hi-hats. A selection including old-school 90’s gems provides smooth synths which he skillfully mixes with work from his peers in the new generation of underground trance producers. The result is a groovy, hypnotic and trippy journey evolving through peaks and valleys that keep the dance floor moving.

On the other hand, BCCO resident Future.666, has been a leading force in stripped down, tooly, techno for several years now. Inspired by 90’s rave culture, his pushy and punchy sound powers an intense, sweaty and sexy set.
We can't wait to experience this explosive b2b at Dalma.
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DVS1 &
Oscar Mulero

Two of the most technically gifted DJs of our generation will be going head-to-head with 2 mixers and 6 decks for the very first time in Malta. You know something special is about to unfold as these two techno titans, celebrated champions of the genre, guide us through an infinite cosmic journey, spiralling into a vortex of loops and racing techno.

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Fadi Mohem

Raised in the outskirts of Berlin in Spandau, Fadi Mohem developed a passion for electronic music in his youth. Exploring the city with a desire for graffiti and urban culture, he made his first steps as a DJ and producer in 2011. 
His studies in Sound​​​​​​​​​​​​​​engineering and the subsequent work as a Mix & Recording Engineer granted him a set of technical skills that improved the sound of his own productions. Influenced by early Detroit techno and Berlin dub techno, drum'n'bass and idm, the Berghain resident likes to break the frame as a producer, DJ and live act.
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Human Safari

Human Safari is a promising artist from Malta who in just a short span of time is already enjoying the trust of some industry titans through his production work. Following his debut E.P on ARTS, Solid Tracks Records & Schimmer.

He’s been shaping his own interpretation of genres often leaning towards Tribal Techno and DnB. His sound is usually drizzled with Lush pads over fast-paced percussive Rhythms with throbbing 909 Grooves that will surely take you from the dark dance floor into the Jungle.

His background as a Math Rock Drummer plays as a major influence in his productions, often focusing heavily on the Rhythm section and drive. Influences like Old school tribal electronic music leaning on the less harsh sounds and more focused minimal techno.

Since announcing Human Safari in 2021, a steady pace of support for his music followed by some of the most respected Artists in the Game such as Ben Klock, Ben Sims, Etapp Kyle, Luarent Garnier, DVS1, Rodhad, Daria Kolosova, Dax J Marron and many more. From Festivals to Berghain to intimate clubs, Human Safari’s tracks have been reaching crowds all over the world.

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I Hate Models

In a scene choked by formulae, we need voices that cut through the noise to present something unapologetically true and devoutly non-conformist. In his singular path as an artist, I Hate Models swerves standardised structures and instead focuses on emotional response. The energy of club music serves as a vessel for his own feelings and a tool to manipulate others with. The spectrum of moods expressed – in his productions, DJ sets and on his label Disco Inferno – veers from nostalgia and passion to loneliness, melancholia and brutality, often juxtaposing darkness and light in the same pulse as an authentic conduit of his own artistic self-assessment.

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Kyle Cortis

Kyle Cortis has been constantly evolving his craft for over 10 years, making him a seasoned DJ within the local scene. He's driven by a relentless passion for music which started from a young age. As a result of this, Kyle's always looking to exceed the limits of himself and the crowd, with his rhythmic, hypnotic sounds and his musical skillset. His sets are powerful and driving, bringing with them a dynamic element of groove, focused on achieving the perfect interaction with the crowd. Kyle’s a regular at Malta’s best underground clubs such as Liquid Club and he’s also the co-founder of L’Ambiance Malta.

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Parfait got her start mixing at alternative LGBT+ community parties. Her career took a new turn when she became a resident of Possession, a collective she co-founded so she wouldn't have to choose between the music she likes to play and the parties she likes to attend any more. With the rise of the collective over the years, she made a name for herself on the techno scene. In 2019, she did a livestream for Boiler Room and Possession which marked the start of her international reputation.

Parfait is now a key figure in the new generation of DJs who count, and who fight to defend the spirit of techno parties in free hangars and warehouses. In parallel to DJing, she directs and writes films, reflecting her multifaceted artistic interests, making her curious, precise and unique.

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Paula Temple

For almost 2 decades, Paula Temple as been pursuing her own unique musical path. As a self- confessed noisician she specialises in a noisy, phantasmagoric techno sound, where the dial is rarely turned below 200% and every moment of silence seems deafening. Such refreshing high voltage music has placed Paula at the forefront of today’s techno scene.
The mysterious persona of SNTS has held a significant role in the dark and gritty underworld of industrial techno. Widely acclaimed for disseminating a distinct warehouse sound through his captivating performances and releases.
When these 2 titans go head-to-head, expect unparallaled techno mayhem.
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Raxeller is a Dutch producer who has established himself as a leading name in the electronic music field with a concentration on the hardstyle and hardcore subgenres. The crowd is kept moving by his dramatic drops, powerful basslines and energizing beats. Every track produced demonstrates his love for the harder techno realm, and his commitment to the craft.

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b2b Scythe

NATURA2K: A rising Malta based DJ who's distinctive sound can be defined as a blend of fast, ethereal and trippy techno heavily influenced by a new wave of trance sweeping through the scene. His vast music library and keen selection aims to take the listener on a unique journey through emotionally captivating soundscapes.

Scythe: Influenced by speedy rhythms and nostalgic melodies, Scythe does not like to set boundaries and limitations on his music. As a DJ and producer, he skillfully guides the listener through an out-of-the-box experience, focusing mainly on sounds emerging from the renaissance of the early 2000s blended with futuristic soundscapes. Scythe has released music on labels such as Sindex, Underzone, and Jahanam, and has garnered support from artists like KI/KI and Salome, with KI/KI most recently supporting his track “You Make Me Feel Alive” on her Resident Advisor podcast.
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Sean Rickett

Known for his ability to seamlessly hop between the different sub-genres of the electronic spectrum and push boundaries in his sets, Sean Rickett has earned the reputation of a true Selekta. Deeply influenced by UK club culture and all forms of bass-heavy music, Rickett's sets are known for their energetic and unpredictable nature. He has a particular affinity for the sounds and aesthetics of the 90s rave era, incorporating classic acid lines, old-school breaks and driving grooves in a flawless and unpredictable manner.

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Sol Ortega

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Sol Ortega made her foray into the music scene at the tender age of 16, thanks to her father, who had been a significant musical influence in her life.

At just 17 years old, Sol began performing at events where various genres such as Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, and Detroit Techno predominated. Over the course of four years, she focused on studying diverse styles and genres while simultaneously embarking on her own music production journey, all while studying sound engineering.

As she continued to advance in the industry, Sol's ambitions grew, and she eventually secured a position as a resident DJ at the legendary Under Club in Buenos Aires. This marked the moment when Sol began to build a more prominent reputation in the national scene.

Sol Ortega's journey is a testament to her passion for music and her dedication to mastering various styles, ultimately leading to her success as a respected artist in Argentina's dynamic music landscape.

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Speedy J

Jochem Paap’s first record as Speedy J landed on Plus 8 back in 1990, and yet he still engages with electronic music with the curiosity and productivity you’d expect of someone new to the game. His long and winding career has plenty of storied touchstones – seminal electronica LPs on Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence series, Planet Mu and a relentless wave of razor-sharp club 12”s across most of the iconic techno labels you’d care to think of.

In the live arena, Paap has long been a champion of hybridization – a philosophy embedded in the DNA of techno as progressive, experimental music. By embracing the open-ended possibilities of music technology, the lines between live performance and DJing have eroded for Paap as he glides between standalone tracks and hardware improvisation. This approach also defines his on-stage collaborations – the Collabs project with Chris Liebing, Zeitgeber with Lucy and Multiples with Surgeon. In all situations Paap and his kindred spirits employ their keen instinct for experimental techno and all-encompassing technical knowledge to deliver visceral experiences. His Electric Deluxe Presents events also serve as an extension to his own artistic vision and that of his label roster, gathering together high profile line-ups everywhere from Sonar to Berghain, Detroit to NYC, and of course all over the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, STOOR is a bold new venture that encompasses a Rotterdam-based studio and label, where Paap opens the doors to established artists and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in a high-spec environment for all manner of creative outcomes. Among the results from the sessions that take place are collaborative releases cut onto limited run vinyl on an in-house lathe. It’s a novel approach to creating and releasing music that celebrates the immediate moment – a present that Paap has consistently engaged with to take himself constantly forwards into intriguing new worlds of sound.

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Upper90 is a Producer and DJ originally from Australia and now based in Berlin, focusing his sound on high energy music inspired by the European Trance, Techno and House scene.

The Upper90 sound features intimate female vocals, 80’s style synth, distinct piano lines, paired with hard hitting 909 drum patterns. His ’euphoric’ approach to producing in the studio is transformed into live sets around the globe, where he has gained a reputation for his energetic stage presence.

Upper90 is now making a name for himself in Europe. Supported by many big names in the Industry, including DJ Heartstring, Narciss, Funk Tribu and Southstar, Upper90 only has more to show and will keep releasing music on multiple labels throughout 2024.

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Hailing from the ancient Russian city of Tambov, on the banks of the Tsna River, the youngest member of the Trip family is Vladimir Dubyshkin. He's an electronic producer who doesn't limit his musical fantasy. He loves to experiment with genres, so he is equally attractive both to lovers of noise electronics and to those who go to parties to simply dance.

Having released his debut album "Tell Me Why Its Always The Same" in February 2015, Dubyshkin quickly gained the recognition of his colleagues. In the same year he took part in two compilations on Nina Kraviz's label "трип" and later released his first solo EP "CheerfulPessimist".

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"Uneasy times call for uneasy music, which makes New York’s Volvox just the DJ we need right now." -Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork

A dominant force on the Brooklyn underground scene, Ariana is known for tough, stripped-back techno and groovy, acid-flavored sets. She has been a busy DJ and event producer since 2006 and in that time has shared the decks with many international stars including The Black Madonna, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, The Hacker, Legowelt and Mike Servito.

Based in NYC since 2011, she holds two monthly residencies: JACK DEPT. NYC at Bossa Nova Civic Club is a top event of the notorious hotspot that's focused on an acidic house party vibe featuring standout DJs and producers from across the burgeoning American scene. The mighty UNTER party pushes the harder edges of techno and for the last 5 years has been lauded as the best after-hours in New York.

Raised in Buffalo, New York, her early experiences in the industrial and rave scenes of rust-belt America shaped her outlook on dance culture. An ardent supporter of the underground, she was a key figure in developing the electronic music scene in Boston, Massachusetts from 2007-2010.

Breaking out internationally in 2015 she has enjoyed a busy tour schedule including noted appearances at Dekmantel and the ascendant Sustain-Release festival in upstate New York. Since then she has toured extensively across Europe and makes regular appearances at Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin. She tours South America yearly and visited Asia for the first time this spring.

Ariana is a unique character on the US scene guaranteed to bring a high energy show that lights up dance floors with an undeniable spirit.

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