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b2b Scythe

NATURA2K: A rising Malta based DJ who’s distinctive sound can be defined as a blend of fast, ethereal and trippy techno heavily influenced by a new wave of trance sweeping through the scene. His vast music library and keen selection aims to take the listener on a unique journey through emotionally captivating soundscapes.

Scythe: Influenced by speedy rhythms and nostalgic melodies, Scythe does not like to set boundaries and limitations on his music. As a DJ and producer, he skillfully guides the listener through an out-of-the-box experience, focusing mainly on sounds emerging from the renaissance of the early 2000s blended with futuristic soundscapes. Scythe has released music on labels such as Sindex, Underzone, and Jahanam, and has garnered support from artists like KI/KI and Salome, with KI/KI most recently supporting his track “You Make Me Feel Alive” on her Resident Advisor podcast.