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Human Safari

Human Safari is a promising artist from Malta who in just a short span of time is already enjoying the trust of some industry titans through his production work. Following his debut E.P on ARTS, Solid Tracks Records & Schimmer.

He’s been shaping his own interpretation of genres often leaning towards Tribal Techno and DnB. His sound is usually drizzled with Lush pads over fast-paced percussive Rhythms with throbbing 909 Grooves that will surely take you from the dark dance floor into the Jungle.

His background as a Math Rock Drummer plays as a major influence in his productions, often focusing heavily on the Rhythm section and drive. Influences like Old school tribal electronic music leaning on the less harsh sounds and more focused minimal techno.

Since announcing Human Safari in 2021, a steady pace of support for his music followed by some of the most respected Artists in the Game such as Ben Klock, Ben Sims, Etapp Kyle, Luarent Garnier, DVS1, Rodhad, Daria Kolosova, Dax J Marron and many more. From Festivals to Berghain to intimate clubs, Human Safari’s tracks have been reaching crowds all over the world.