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Akua is a Ghanian-American artist, who’s relocating from Brooklyn, NYC to Berlin. Her practice as a DJ has developed throughout the years to uniquely encompass her passion for techno – not only as an apparatus for dance, but one of self discovery, community building, & unrestricted knowledge. Drawing influence from the kinetic freedom of 90s midwest techno, the unifying velocity of dancing, & the frenetic pace of life, Akua has since helped redefine the techno sounds emerging from NYC through the multitude of her evocative, mind bending sets & exuberant mixing techniques.

Akua’s tireless dedication to more freakish strains of techno & finesse encapsulates the sublime, chaotic potential of the present, while harkening back to the innovative methods & experimentation of DJs throughout history. Weaving threads of sounds new & old into a signature style of supersonic rhythm shifters, every mix of hers courses with timelessness & the most empowering qualities of rave – time dilation, expanded perspective within the mantra-like repetition of electronic rhythms, & the continuum of black futurity at dance music’s core.